ETHICS is defined by a set of principals, infused values underpinning our focus to the commitment to excellence.


ETHICS thrives in excellence, a smart enterprise servicing, developing, entertaining smart industry to smart cities, impacting our world for sustainability, the new renaissance, a cultural transformation to a new golden age.  Our recognition for financial success in executing smart projects, envisioning, building, merging smart business, investment, real estate, management and philanthropy inspiring humanity from spirit to space in our local to global master plan.


We live personal, business & real estate development while we entertain, educate, earn, raise consciousness & funds by  "Giving Virtue Back To Nature" building vibrant smartcommunities in our global smart cities master plan, $10 to 10 Trillion with the Ultimate Purpose:


ETHICS executes personal, business & real estate development in an a strategic investment plan for smart industry in a firm of entertainment & technology professionals, a portfolio of managers, business & real estate professionals, developers, mentoring impresarios, entrepreneurs servicing industry while smart managing business in a fund of funds towards building a smart fan base, vibrant smart communities, a Lab, Idea polis, Tower of ART, a millennium project, space program to new frontiers in a proposal for  the world.


We drive excellence in our values in Connection, Energy, Individuation, Sustainability, Healing, Harmony, and Peace.


We excel in smart investments & services as execution exceeds expectations where our people & planet (customers, employees & investors) are our # 1 focus, as funds & smartsolutions thrive to save our society, humanity in ETHICS impacting through noble excellence.



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